It’s currently February 4, 2024 and we just received a special invite to come to the CBC studio in Toronto and audition/pitch the producers on February 10, 2024. This is literally less than 1 week to prepare!!! . But no worries, I’m ready, I’ve been preparing my whole life for this!

Since the show Debut I have been an avid fan of the Dragon’s Den. My entire Woking career consists of self-employment and entrepreneurial endeavours and the Dragon’s Den has been a huge inspiration.

I’ve always thought (Knew), that one day I’ll be on the Dragon’s Den and when I am, I’ll close a deal with Dragons! Now that chance is within reach!

It’s unbelievable how much momentum we’ve had since we officially launched in late Dec 2023.

You can follow our journey in several ways! I’ll do my best to keep posting updates along this amazing journey!

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