Inspiration often comes when you least expect it! For us it was on a walk to the dentist.

That’s when the AH HA! moment hit us. What if the Pom Pom’s on our toques were cute little animals that snap on and off so we can play with them.

What a great idea I thought aloud, and said to my daughters that’s a great business idea!

And thus began our journey in creating


My daughters and I experimented with this idea by sewing stuffed animal heads to Pom Pom’s, attaching buttons to hats, headbands and variety of fashion accessories and the results and feedback we received was amazing!

We couldn’t stop the momentum!


We started drawing originals characters and sourced product and fashion manufactures to help bring MyPetPomPom to market.

After months of fabric selections, design interations, prototypes and more we finally arrived at an amazing, high quality product that we are proud to wear and stand behind.

Available Now:

We are now in Business! and there is so much excitment.  We have had a wonderful boost in sales over the Holidays and have been receiving incredible feedback!  We are now making great strides entering into 2024.  We have all our products available for purchase on this web site.  Our products will be available in many local stores and specialty shops.  We have been featured in several magazines and we are just getting started!  Thank you all for your support and stay tuned for more exciting news in the coming months!

 Our Story is just getting started!

Dragons’ Den Audition:

We just received a special invitation to audition on the Dragon’s Den in Toronto Canada on Febraury 10, 2024. This is literally less than 1 week to prepare! But no worries, I’ve been preparing my whole life for this moment!!!   Follow our instagram page and I’ll also be posting regular updates of this journey here:

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